What’s on in March

Garstang Arts Centre

Are you new to Garstang or recently retired? Have you visited the Arts Centre yet? It’s not just for Artists – it’s got something for everyone.  It’s a great place to meet up for a coffee or a pot of tea and find out about all the various groups that meet there, some weekly, others monthly, ranging from music, dancing, singing, floral art, bridge and wine tasting to name just a few. The paintings are changed monthly and you can view them for FREE!

200 Club

Arts Centre 200 Club subscriptions are now due, £13 and this covers both Spring and Autumn Draws. Please pop in and pay Hilary or Anne Marie before the end of March please. A few spare numbers are still available if you would like to join.

The Quiz and Draw will take place on Saturday 4th April at 7.30pm.  All Arts Centre Groups can enter one or two teams, nibbles will be provided but everyone is welcome to bring their own food and drinks.

Art Exhibition

We have had an exciting start to 2020 at the Arts Centre.  The Open Art exhibition was a great success with a good number of entries.  The five prize winners – Patricia Leontieff, Kevan Thompson, Michael Hipkins, Lynne Forshaw and Sandra Langhorne produced some lovely paintings and we thank them for their participation and support.

In February we welcomed disabled artist Ava Joliffe, and at just 13 years old, the youngest artist to exhibit at the Arts Centre.  Despite multiple health complexities, Ava is keen to showcase the talents of deaf/blind artists such as herself, and wishes to be an advocate for the disabled artist community.

Our next exhibitor, Ken Dagger is probably recognised for his singing of characters in the Gilbert & Sullivan operas in and around his native Blackpool.  After studying art at school he always maintained an interest, often sketching while on holiday but rarely had time to paint.  Following his retirement from his post as a lecturer at Blackpool & Fylde College, he attended a variety of art courses & workshops.  He has held exhibitions around the Fylde and his exhibition at Garstang Arts Centre runs from Tuesday 10th March to Thursday 2nd April.

Sheila Tearle Tel 01995 603816

Ukelele Group

The Tale of Syrup the Witch – episode 1

Once upon a time in the far-off land of Garstania there lived an old witch. No one in the village was quite sure of her real name as she was very fierce and unfriendly, but the children nicknamed her Syrup as she wore a hideous wig. For much of the time Syrup remained outside of the village, brewing up her potions, practicing her spells and dreaming up evil deeds. 

Meanwhile, many of the villagers enjoyed playing sweet and happy music on their ukuleles. They formed themselves into bands to entertain each other and the rest of the community. Each weekend all the villagers joined in the merriment, with singing and dancing all day and all night long.

Syrup could hear the music from her cave by the sea and she became very bitter that she was never invited to any of the parties. So one Sunday night when everyone was asleep she crept into the village and stole a new-born baby from the queen of Garstania. This upset all the villagers, which pleased Syrup as she enjoyed making people sad. 

Syrup took the baby back to her cave where she fed it on the most gruesome potions, all the time casting spells to make the baby cry whenever she heard music. Then after 3 long months Syrup crept back to the village and left the baby by the Market Cross. 

When the villagers heard her cries they were delighted to see the baby had returned and decided to have the biggest party ever. But as soon as they started to play their ukuleles the baby screamed and wailed like a demon. It was so bad the whole village had to stop singing and playing music.

This made all the villagers very sad, but it pleased Syrup who sat happily in her cave brewing her potions and dreaming up more evil deeds. The whole summer and autumn passed by without any music in the village. It was a very sad village.

The queen offered a reward of a golden ukulele to anyone who could make her daughter better and restore happiness to the village. Many tried, all failed, until one dark and windy night a stranger arrived and said she could release the child from the spell…

…Episode 2 will be in next month’s Focus

Bob Sapey


Poetry Appreciation

Friday March 27th from 2-4pm.  Irish Poets led by Gary Walmsley.  There are many great Irish poets, both old and new. We can look forward to a very entertaining afternoon.  Visitors and new members are always welcome. 

Phone Marie Whalley on 01995 603605 for more information

Garstang Musical Productions

Garstang Musical Productions is a friendly and lively amateur musical theatre group who perform a vast array of shows and concerts.  We have been delighting our local community audiences for over 25 years.  We aim to perform two productions a year and still have time to arrange theatre trips and social evenings.  The group meets on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm and we warmly welcome new members, performers and helpers alike!

For more information contact Emily Hanson on 07803 786895

Bridge Group

The Bridge Group will meet in March on Monday evenings 2nd, 9th ,16th, 23rd and the 30th @ 7pm and on Tuesday 3rd, 10th, 24th and 31st @ 1.30pm.

Please feel free to come along and give it a try.

Further details from Bob on (01995) 603524

Needlework Group

We meet in the Arts Centre on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 12 noon.  If you enjoy knitting, crochet, embroidery, patchwork, applique or would like to learn, do come and join this friendly, helpful group.

Contact: Ann Kelsall on (01995) 606408 or just turn up!


If you are interested in woolcrafts (knitting, crochet, maybe felting) or would like to know what we do, please come along to the Arts Centre in Garstang at 7.00pm on Tuesday evenings (except the first of the month) or Friday afternoons at 2.00pm, where we will make you very welcome.

We work on individual and group projects, often raising money for charities.

Everyone is welcome, experienced or beginner. We will support you! There will also be tea and biscuits!  Contact Kate Crook  07759 659004


We just sing songs for pleasure!  Which includes Pop, Classics, The Great American Songbook and, of course, The Musicals.

We meet on Mondays, 1.30pm to 3.30pm, except Bank Holidays and the Summer break (August to mid-September).

Everyone is welcome!  Avril Bevan (01995) 602904

Scrabble Group

The Scrabble Group meet, weekly on Tuesday afternoons, at the Arts Centre, 2.00pm till 3.30pm.  Everyone welcome.

Book Club

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 10th March, 10.30am -12noon at Garstang Arts Centre. (2nd Tuesday, monthly).  This month’s book is “Eleanor Oliphant”.  For more information please contact Linda Ward (01995) 602948 or Sandra Marson (01995) 603436.

Judy Osborne (01995 600996)

w: www.garstangartssociety.org.uk

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